Elena, 50 y.o., Russia, Taganrog
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Main info
First name: Elena
Age: 50
Location: Russia, Taganrog
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Weight: 61kg
Height: 165cm
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Dark Blonde
Body type: Slender
Smoking Frequency: Never
Drinking Frequency: Occasionally(Socially)
Sleeping habits: I like to get up late
With information: Phone verification
Do you have children?:
30 y.o. boy, not living at home
21 y.o. boy, living at home
Russian 5 (Fluent)
Marital status: Divorced
Want children: No
Do you agree to move ?:
I agree to stay in my city
I agree to move inside my country
I agree to move to another country
Your priorities in life:
Family, long-term relationship
Balance of mind
In my property: A house/ a cottage, A flat/an apartment
Where do you live?: Separate house/ cottage
What do you think about travelling and meeting expenses: I am not ready to pay
Education: Graduate degree
Job title: Designer
What religion do you practice?: Spiritual but not religious
Age: from 48
Height: from 168 cm
Eye colour: Any
Hair colour: Any
Body type: Any

Responses to some questions

How would you describe yourself?
Симпатичная молодая девушка, романтичная, люблю животных, книги, путишевствия и узнавать что то новое
How would you describe your ideal partner?
Образованный, благородный мужчина, любящий животных, путешествия и культурный досуг
If you knew the world was going to end in 30 days, what would you do?
Позвонила бы всем близким и родным и сказала как сильно их люблю
If you had 10 million dollars to spare, what would you do with it?
Лишних? Разве бывают они лишние? У меня столько желаний! И столько родных людей У которых тоже есть желания🥰
How often, and from whom do you ask advice?
Иногда советуюсь, иногда нет
What quality do you value most in the people of your gender?
Благородство, достоинство, тактичность., спокойствие
What quality do you value most in the opposite sex?
Женственность, улыбчивость, нежность
What is a recent prominent event in your life, and how has it affected you?
Каждый день для меня крупное событие, завтра будет новое
What is the best advice that you give to your children?
Любите жизнь при любых обстоятельствах
What has produced the biggest impression (shock) on you?
Сама жизнь, это чудо
The last books that you read?
Генрих Мария Ремарк
What are your goals now?
Хочу научиться кататься на роликах
Whom do you admire?
Людьми которые могут поменять свою жизнь к лучшему
Do you have a lot of friends?
Думаю, что да
What qualities do you dislike most in those of your gender?
Мужские качества и нечестность
What qualities do you dislike most in the people of the opposite sex?
Жадность, наглость и хамство
What would you like to change in yourself?
Излишнюю избирательность
What are your weaknesses?
Думаю, что у меня их нет
What are your strengths ?
Добрая, женственная, милосердная, любящая
How do friends view you?
Это у них надо спросить
How do acquaintances view you?
Спрошу у них
What are your favourite games?
Who are your favourite writers and poets?
Достоевский, Ремарк, Чехов
Асадов, Есенин, Рубальская
What kinds of music do you like?
Любая, которая ласкает слух
What is your favourite food?
Я вегетарианка, поэтому любые фрукты и овощи
What are your favourite films?
Основанные, на реальных событиях и фильмы, вдохновляющие на лучшую жизнь
What is your favourite fairy-tale?
What is your favourite activity or hobby?
Читать книги, гулять на природе, шить, рисовать, медитировать
What is your dream job?
У меня только любимые занятия
Tell us about your dream partner.
Благородный мудрый мужчина, активный, любящий и понимающий женщин
Where do you want to live?
Я счастлива в любом месте на планете Земля
How often do I like to go out?
Twice a week
Do I enjoy other types of Shopping?
I love it
Ideally I would like to live in a
house in the suburbs
Keep my space
It's not perfect but close
Describe myself at a party as a
Life of the party
When it comes to money
I've been known to blow some cash but I know my limits
When it comes to TV
Turn it off
Do I enjoy dining out?
I love it
Do I enjoy cooking?
I like cooking
Do I enjoy grocery shopping?
I like it very much
Do I enjoy gardening?
Quite enjoy gardening
Preference for pets
I have Birds, Dogs, Cats, Don't have but like Other, Rodents, Exotic pets, Reptiles, Fish
What type of television programs do I enjoy watching most?
Comedy, Documentary, Educational, Nature/wildlife
I enjoy spending free time
In nature, Among friends, Pursuing a hobby, Taking a class, Visiting a museum or gallery, Puttering in the garden, Shopping, Playing with my pet, With family, Having lunch with a friend, Doing something athletic
Activities that I enjoy
Walking, Hiking, Camping, Biking
Forms of entertainment that I enjoy
TV Educational/news, Reading, Poetry, Museum/arts, Concerts
Other hobbies or interests
Yoga, travelling, philosophy/spiritual, painting, gardening, dogs